Return Policy
We openly accept returns. The customer must contact our team through and request their refund and also give reason to why they would like the refund. A reply will be given within 24 hours giving further directions to the situation.

Please note, we only accept returns if they are in the original packaging, undamaged and unused. If you have damaged your item, there is nothing we can do to help you. Damages can consist of rips, stains, holes etc. Every single item from our HQ is quality checked before posted, so you will never receive a damaged item. To be eligible for your money back please see our return requirements on our "Delivery and returns information" page.

1. Yes, the customer must pay the return postage.
2. You can only be refunded once we have received and approved your item.
3. We will contact your given email address to confirm the refund.
4. You have 14 days as of purchase date to return your item.